10 Tips for Creating Web Page Content that Get Results

Updating or developing content for your website can be challenging and time consuming. Who has time to write text for web pages when you have a business to run? You must at least do the basics and if you do a little bit more by following these tips you can make your effort generate results.ComputerFrog-copy-300x220

The Basic Tips

  • Highlight your value and why people should care about the content on the page – if your content is not relevant people won’t spend the time on your web pages.
  • Be concise with your web content – people will not spend the time on your web pages to read a novel.
  • Put the most important content at the top of the page – people (and search engines) will start at the top and decide how far to continue.
  • Use proper grammar and spelling – language mistakes will turn off a reader and readers will form an opinion of your company based upon the text on your site.
  • Make your text easy to read and easy to scan – people scan website page first and if they like what they see, then they read the text on the page.
  • Proof read your final text when you publish your pages – it is amazing how many times you find little mistakes or “filler text” on your final pages.

The Advanced Tips

  • Use an image that represents the theme of the text – people stop and click images on a web page, so include an image, make it relevant and link it to a page that makes sense.
  • Leverage your search engine keywords – the search engines need to see you use your keywords in the text in the top part of the page.
  • Less is better most of the time when creating web page text – keep in mind, you could be losing a reader with every extra sentence.
  • Try using a Google Experiment within Google Analytics – you can test different pages to see which one performs better using Google Analytics.

These tips can help you be successful with your web page content. If you need help, just contact us we can help you develop content for your web pages.

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