3 Image Tips to Increase Your Search Engine Rankings

You have just created the best content and picked some awesome images to go with your article, before you post the article spend a few minutes and optimize your images for better search engine rankings. Follow these simple tips and you will reap SEO benefits. web-photo-naming

1. Image titles and descriptions
All images should have a title and description. Where appropriate use your keywords in the title and description.

2. Alt Text
Some programs block images and some programs (e.g., search engine bots) don’t recognize images and only see text. It is very important that you supply alt text with all your images that you. Don’t know what alt text is or how to create it? Check out one of our web tips (http://prospect-connections.com/web-tips/add-names-titles-and-alt-text-to-all-of-your-photos/)

3. File Name
Use a descriptive name for your image file. Again if it is appropriate use a keyword in the file name.

A few minutes can increase your search engine rankings and make your posts and articles significantly better.




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