3 Search Engine Optimization Tips for Great Results

Optimizing your site for the best page placement can be overwhelming, time consuming and complicated. Don’t be discouraged, by search engine optimization (SEO).  Here are some simple, easy to implement tips that can help your search engine results.

1)     Review your keywords and phrases.  Make sure they are the best words that a customer would use in their search to find you on the Internet. Once you have defined your keywords/phrases use then and describe them on your website. If you have any questions about your best search words asks some of your trusted customers.

2)     Relevant content. Make sure the content your website and your blog is informative, reflects the interest of your customers and contains your keywords. No one wants to read a boring article, make your blog posts interesting. Google awards sites with higher SEO scores (higher page placement) if they have great content.ID-10097440

3)     Use Links. Once your content is in place link the pages within your website and your blog content together. Blog articles with keywords should link to website pages that describe the keywords in more detail. Links improve the importance of your content and Google will award your site with higher SEO score for important content.

You don’t have to do you site optimization all at once, if you don’t have time. Start with your keywords and go page by page through your website (1 page per day if that is all you have time for). If you want your site optimized quicker, but don’t have time or if you have questions just contact us.




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