3 Tips for Developing a Customer-Focused Website

Creating a website that has the latest widget or one that conforms to the newest standards is not what results in happy returning customers. New users spend a few seconds on a website, before they determine if it is time to move on or time to dive deeper into the website. You only have a few seconds, so take the time when creating your website and develop a customer-focused website.

To develop a customer-focused website you need to know as much as you can about your website users.  If you are able to answer these 3 questions about your website audience you will be able to create a responsive, customer-focused website.

Who is Your Audience?  iStock_000010980641-FrogWithWrench

Anyone who surfs the internet is not a clearly defined audience. For you to be successful, your website must be set optimized for the right groups of people that you are looking to attract to your site.  The more you know about your audiences the more useful your site will be and the better the results will be.

You need to know:

·         Who are the people that are going to your site?

·         What are their habits and what are they looking for?

·         What have you observed about the website users from conversation and web statistics?

·         Are they primarily mobile users, desktop users or mixed?

What is Your Audience Looking For?

Once you know who your primary audiences are, then you need to know what they want from your website. This will help you layout appropriate navigation, web page structure and quick links/call outs. Are your audiences looking for contact information and hours? Where are the Specials? What is the latest research on a particular product?

You need to know:

·         What is the audience looking for quickly?

·         What items on your website need to be grouped together (to reduce user clicks)?

·         Where should the items be located on the home page and subsequent pages?

·         What is the best way to display the information for the audience?

·         How does the audience want to sort product information – by price, color, style, etc?

What is so Valuable that Your Audience will Bookmark Your Site?

Once you know how to organize and structure your website for the best use for each audience, how do you get them to continue to return to your website? From our experience, people return to websites that contain valuable information, good deals, and entertainment.  In addition to adding value for your customers with great content, you will also be helping your own website search engine ranking.

You need to know:

·         What information and tips will your audience find valuable?

·         What would your audience find educational and helpful?

·         Is there entertainment content that your audience would like?

·         Is your audience deal-oriented, if you what is the best way to get them beyond your deal page?

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