3 Top Reasons Why You Should Refresh Your Website

If your website was developed over three years ago then you are missing opportunities and it is time to refresh your site. Today mobile users are huge, search engine optimization methods favor newer sites and a three year old sites look very dated. Refresh your site and increase your sales and awareness.

Mobile and Tablet Users

Today over 50% of all the phones sold are smartphones and users have purchased over 500 million tablet devices. These users are browsing your website to sign their kids up for camp, to buy products and to purchase services. If your site is not designed to handle mobile or tablet users you are missing one of the biggest growing internet user segments. If your site is a few years old then it was not designed to be responsive. Responsive websites are able to adapt to the different sized devices that could access your website. Don’t miss these important users.SpringfieldCoop_iPad_iPhone

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

The search engine optimization algorithms are constantly changing. Many of the search engines reward website that are newer with favorable rankings. Also people who develop newer sites focus not just on the content, but on search engine rankings. Most of the newer website development platforms have many search engine optimization tools and tips embedded into the fabric of the website. If you want higher search engine rankings then refresh your site.

Dated Sites

Internet users are very savvy and are avoid sites that appear dated. If you can’t keep your site up to date, then how effective are your products and services? Website standards and trends are evolving every year and what was popular three years ago looks ancient today. Is your site integrated with your social media channels – it should be? Don’t lose out on opportunities due to a dated site.

It is easy to refresh your site and most sites can be refreshed with minimal effort. Don’t lose sales and miss opportunities – refresh your site and reap the rewards.

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