Applesauce – YUMMY!

When I think of fall I think of all the yummy things you can make with apples, apple pie, apple crisp, baked apples, apple cake, the list is endless. One of the simplest and a Reed Family favorite is applesauce. Applesauce is great for breakfast, lunch, dinner or a snack. The key to great applesauce is to cook the whole apple cut into quarters, skins, seeds and all. The trick is to get a simple tool a food mill that strains all the fruit from the skins and still leaves the taste and vitamins. No two batches are the same but here is my basic recipe:

6 – 9 Lbs of apples (Macs, Cortlands, Macouns)Applesauce making
Lemon juice
Ground cloves (a hint don’t over do)
brown sugar

Cut the apples into quarters. Put into large pot, fill till pot is filled with apples about an inch or two below the rim. I usually have two pots, full and going at a time Add lemon, spices and sugar. Start with only a small amount of sugar (1/4 C) you can always add more. The riper the apples the less sugar. Fill pan with water to just below the apples. Put on burner and cook on high until it is a rolling boil, turn the burner down to medium high. Boil the apples until they soften and explode apart from the skin.

Set-up your food mill over a large bowl and mill the apples. Wait until the apples have cooled a little. Put the milled applesauce into a large container. While the applesauce is hot add at least a T of vanilla. (This is my secret ingredient – it really makes a difference.)

Yummy! Applesauce is great warm or cold. My family likes it best with either Grapenuts or granola for breakfast or with Gingersnaps for dessert. Refrigerate.