Boost Your Website with Video

It’s no surprise that video is one of the most popular ways to get your message seen and heard on the web. It’s also very effective: Mist Media reports that the average web user spends 88% more time on a website with video. Research also reveals that the top three types of videos for marketers are Testimonials, Product Demonstrations, and Tutorials. Which of these would work best for your business?

Marketing Plan
VidcapCreate a marketing plan before you start producing your video – don’t just start shooting video. First, ask yourself what are you trying to accomplish with the video. Always know what you want to achieve before you start. Next, develop a script or outline of the video. This will ensure that you will capture the most important points in the video. Lastly, remember that your video should enhance your brand – make sure your final video is a positive reflection of your brand.

For this you’ll need a smartphone that shoots video or a video camera, and one or more enthusiastic, fearless and talkative customers. Find a well-lit, quiet spot, sit down with your customer (and an assistant to shoot the video). Ask the customer some leading questions about your services, products or staff and just let them talk. When you review the video, look and listen for any moments when the customer expresses positive enthusiasm for your brand. Edit your video to grab some key statements, upload the video to You Tube, and add it to your site.

Product Demonstration
Product demos are great for introducing new or unique items on your website. One way to do this, uses presentation software like PowerPoint or Keynote. Pick a well-lit spot with a plain background, bring your assistant, and your new product. Shoot a series of still photos as you demonstrate the product. Take it apart, put it together, show what it does, and put it through its paces. Select enough of these photos to tell a story and then build a short presentation. When you’re done – export as a movie, upload to YouTube, and add to your site.

These are the ‘How to’s’ – ‘how to fill out this form’, ‘how to use our software’, or ‘how to sign in to our website’. For computer-based tutorials like these you can use screen recording software that will record your mouse moves and typing along with your voice describing what you’re doing. Both Windows and Mac operating systems include screen recorders and there are other free programs that include editing capabilities. The big bonus with screen recording is that you can also use the computer’s onboard camera to make a video ‘selfie‘ – direct from your desk to your website.

Making your own video may require some additional skills, and you will have to learn to use YouTube, but whether you’re introducing a new product, or promoting your current brand or business, video content can spark the interest of your visitors and even move them to action.

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