Quick Tip Tuesday Build a Great “About Us” Page

Who Are These People?

When a new visitor comes to your web site seeking products, information or advice, they need to feel confident that:vr_button

  • You’re a real person.
  • You know what you’re talking about.
  • You care about the folks you’re talking to.

Your best opportunity to get these points across is in your “About Us” page. It can be one of the most visited pages on your site. Competitors, investors, job seekers and potential clients all will go to the page to find out who you are.

  1. Don’t disappoint them!
  2. Show your face: Readers want to know who they’re talking to. Photos of you and your teammates at work and in-the-field, let them know that you’re for real.
  3. Write like a person: Consider NOT pasting your “mission statement” into the page, and instead, write about why you’re in the business, and why it feels good to serve your customers well.
  4. Include some history: Often, the story of the birth and growth of a company is good indicator of the quality of the folks who work there. Consider including a timeline in the page.
  5. Testimonials: Let your clients do, at least, some of the talking. Their positive words will inspire confidence and provide social proof of your expertise.
  6. Finish with a call to action: Take advantage of the warm & fuzzy feelings and interest that you’ve generated and include a reminder to “join the mailing list”, or to “sign up to get a free email report”.

The “About Us” page is the perfect place to introduce yourself to your visitors. Treat it like a window into your personality, and the personality that your business wants to project.

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