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Postage Increase – January 22, 2017

The new postal rate increases take effect on January 22, 2017. The new prices include a two-cent increase to 49 cents for First-Class Mail. Even though postage is increasing, there are many things you can do to lower your mailing costs and improve your open rates.

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Increase your Donations in This Crowded Appeal Season

Three suggestions to increase your donations in this competitive and crowded season. In a presidential election year there will be a lot of mail pieces in the mail stream and in your donor’s mailboxes. Start your campaign early to avoid the tsunami of direct mail pieces.

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Are Your Design Files Print-Ready?

At Prospect, we’re here to help you make a smooth transition from design to print. Our goal is to catch any problems before they arise. Call us at any time during your project with questions about the time line, the type of document, or the types of papers we have available. Communication is the key […]

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Email Subject Lines That Mention Discounts Gain Greater Results

Everybody likes a discount, especially if it is easy to use and it’s for an item you want to buy. Are you using discounts in your email subject line? If you aren’t you are missing a great opportunity. (more…)

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Personalized Email Marketing Pays

Want greater results from your marketing efforts? Then use the information you have and personalize your marketing efforts, especially email marketing. The research continues to support how important personalization is for increasing follow-on sales and customer engagement. In a recent article in, they reported on some amazing results from an email personalization survey. Nearly […]

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Postal Changes Coming in January 2014

Don’t let the announced post office rate increases and other postal changes impact your 2014 mailings. Our tips below will help you avoid some of the rate increases, increase your mail effectiveness, and lower your costs. Rate Changes On January 26, 2014 the postal rates change for first class, standard class and non-profit will increase […]

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