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Website Landing Pages

There is a lot of talk out in the marketing circles about website landing pages these days. Landing pages are one of the essential elements of online marketing campaigns. Here is some information to help you better understand landing pages and how to use them effectively. (more…)

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Get a 20% Response Rate!

Fall is the season for launching campaigns and generating end of year sales. Based upon recent market research and some of our recent projects we thought we would share a few ideas on increasing email and direct mail response rates. The following tips have been used to gain a 20% or greater response rate. (more…)

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Increasing Web Traffic

Many organizations are using print in their marketing campaigns to increase their marketing reach and web traffic. In world where we are inundated with electronic messages and “friend” requests, people are turning to direct mail to get attention. These organizations know that the mailbox is not as cluttered as the cyber-mail box. So it is […]

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