Delicious Chicken Salad

How about an easy meal that is delicious and simple to make? I have a chicken salad recipe that will make that is delicious and is great for dinner, party or picnic.

Chicken Salad











1 1/2 pounds of chicken cooked and cubed
2 sticks of celery chopped
¼ – ½ cup dried cranberries
Mayonnaise (use the amount that is right for you)
Mix all in ingredients together and chill in the refrigerator.


Lettuce (enough for 4 servings)
2 cucumbers sliced
Pint of cherry tomatoes or 2 large tomatoes sliced
2 Mangoes (optional) or peaches sliced

Wash and dry lettuce. Cut the fruits and vegetables. Put lettuce on each plate, arrange vegetables and fruit. Add a generous scoop of chicken salad. Top the chicken salad with some dill. Serve salad alone or add any type of bread.

I do not add any dressing to this salad. If you want dressing you can choose one of your choice.

Special Notes: you can use any type of vegetables that you choose for your salad. If you don’t like an item don’t add to your creation.