Does your Website Need a Tune-up? Part 1 – Tech

Tech Tune Up
All websites have these two elements: 1) technical and 2) marketing or content. It is critical that both of these components are updated and kept in good working order. This article “Does Your Website Need a Tune-up?” is a 2 part series that deals with the health of your website. Part 1 deals with technical issues, and Part 2 will cover the marketing or content components of your website.

At Prospect, we frequently see websites that have been neglected. Perhaps the rapid changes in Frog_with_wrench copy 2website development zipped right by you. If so, you’ve missed out on critical features that could enhance the capabilities of your site and help you GROW your organization.

Has it been a long time since you added content or changed your site design? Your website may be your most important business marketing tool. Tech updates and revisions can affect your bottom line and should not be ignored.

Here are 6 things to look out for when considering whether your company’s website needs a tune-up. Use this list to catch problems before they cause you to lose business.

  1. Your Site is Not Mobile Friendly – In today’s world it is absolutely critical for your website to be mobile friendly. Most websites receive 25 to 50% of their traffic from mobile devices. Think about your potential visitors and make sure you are mobile friendly.
  2. It Looks Like It Was Designed in 1995 – Websites and web visitors have come a long way since the 90’s. Review your website at least every 2-3 years (at a minimum) to make sure your site is up to date and looks current.
  3. Is your site navigation simple and clear? Is it easy to find information on your site? Test it to be sure. Bad navigation frustrates your visitors and frustrated visitors leave and do not come back. Simplicity and clarity should be your goal.
  4. Broken Links or bad images – Review your website frequently to make sure there are no broken links or bad images. Make a web maintenance schedule that regularly reviews every page on your site.
  5. Slow Loading – In today’s fast paced world, a slow loading website is a non-starter for web searchers, who decide to stay or go in the first 15 seconds. Load times can be affected by images that are too large or a slow web server. Higher quality web hosts will serve up your pages faster.
  6. Shopping Cart Working Properly – If you run an e-commerce site, is your shopping cart easy to use and up to date? Test it regularly to make sure your e-store transactions go smoothly.

So how does your site measure up? If you have one or two of these problems, spend a little time and tune up your website. If you have more than two of these problems, your website may be limping along on life support.
If so, do not despair, sometimes small changes can make a big difference. A website overhaul is not as expensive or as difficult as you might think. You cannot afford to ignore your website in today’s market.

Website Tune-up Special

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