Don’t Struggle for Content

Many organizations struggle to generate relevant content for their Facebook page, website, blog, emails, newsletters… and twitter account. We don’t have enough people or time to create that much content, we barely have enough time to run our organization. This common theme is true for many organizations. Relax don’t let content creation keep you from communicating with your customers. If you can do the basics below you can be successful.ID-100974401-150x150

The basics – relevant content
Before you get stressed about content creation, stop and think about who your customers are and what interests them. Relevant content is more important than producing content for the sake of producing content. People are stretched for time, so when you produce your content, don’t write a novel when a short story will suffice. Relevant content will generate the highest response and the highest retention rate. Remember a great story will always beat a marginal story any day.

The basics – timely content
People are creatures of habit. People like their content in a particular format and at a certain time. When you start your content program, start off slowly and with a schedule you can meet. If you can only do one post to Facebook per week and one blog post per month, then start with that. Don’t over commit yourself; you have a day time job running an organization.

The basics – leveraged content
Create content that can be used in multiple places. You can create a blog post can be used as an update to your website, can be a post to Facebook, can be a tweet, and can be an article for your email newsletter. If you have a content plan (calendar) in place, you will get the highest value from your content. You will be able to plan you content and leverage your content across many marketing vehicles.

Don’t struggle for content, step back, and get a plan in place. If you can create relevant, timely content that you can leverage, then you will be wildly successful.

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