Drip Marketing Campaigns WORK!

Drip Marketing turns prospects into sales. Drip, drip, drip!

Drip marketing is a carefully selected series of messages delivered to customers by email, direct mail and social media.

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Drip marketing, like drip irrigation, slowly and systematically nurtures your leads and clients. Timing, message and persistence pays off. By applying messages over a prescribed period of time in calculated intervals and in a progressive sequence, drip marketing campaigns can help build and maintain customer awareness of your company and products, while systemically turning a prospect into a customer who is ready to buy.

Here’s How it Works

    1. Identify a target audience and create a database for your campaign.
    2. Fully understand your target audience and your offer.
    3. Create a campaign with a well orchestrated theme with a beginning, middle and end. Create a series of persuasive emails, direct mail and phone calls that will tell your story and invite your prospects to take action.
    4. Execute your campaign over a series of days, weeks or months, with each marketing piece building on the one before. Drip, drip, drip getting noticed and sending your message.
    5. Track which prospects are most ready to take action based on their activity (opening emails multiple times, clicking a link, calls and views on landing pages etc.).
    6. Follow-up promptly. This step is time critical since inquiries you ignore will die a rapid death.

The 7 Types of Drip Campaigns

Top-of-Mind Drips: This type of campaign engages your leads by persistently engaging your target.

Educational Drips: This type of campaign provides information to leads and customers about a company’s products and services as reminders or introductions.

Re-Engagement Drips: This type of campaign is created to re-engage leads or customers and re-ignite excitement about your brand.

Competitive Drips: This type of campaign works to convince the customers of your competition to switch to your product or service.

Promotional Drips: This type of campaign draws in customers by running limited time offers and special deals.

Training Drips: This type of campaign is used to educate clients. Training is very helpful in establishing your expertise and enhancing your brand.

Nurturing Drip: Drip campaigns can also be used to nurture your current leads. Send regular updates about your business to build a higher chance of brand recognition and sales.

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