Easy picture collages using Pic Monkey

Want an easy yet pleasing picture collage? Use Pic Monkey and get quick results to use for your posts or projects.

Go to picmonkey.com,  click on the collage tab and review the collage templates that are available.

Once you have decided on a template choose the photos that will be placed in the collage. It is easier to edit the pictures before creating the collage.

You can also use Pic Monkey to help you edit photos. Edit your photos and save to your desktop. Open the collage program in Pic Monkey, choose your photos and create your collage.

PicMonkey Collage

Collages are a great way to share your events, create an interesting story  or create one just for fun. Great to use on your blog, website or social media.





Here is a sample of a collage of our favorite dogs. Of course Indy is there but we also have pictures of dogs that where at our visit at Eddie’s Wheels. We love our dogs!

Look out for our post about our visit to Eddie’s Wheels. Great pictures and do these people know how to use Facebook.

Pictures are important and tell the story like no other method. Try it it is fun.



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