Email Subject Lines That Mention Discounts Gain Greater Results

Everybody likes a discount, especially if it is easy to use and it’s for an item you want to buy. Are you using discounts in your email subject line? If you aren’t you are missing a great opportunity.

A couple recent studies have reinforced what we all believed to be true – people respond positively to discounts. This statement should be no big surprise, but what is enlightening is how much of an impact that mentioning the discount in the subject line can have. One study showed a 27% increase in people buying versus emails sent without coupons/discounts.

The article can be found at here.

If you want even greater results, personalize your offers

Personalize your offers and discounts will gain the greatest response and success. Knowing what the customer wants and when they are ready to buy – sounds a bit clairvoyant, but sending the discount at the right the time generates the highest result.

If you know people’s buying habits or preferences this may be easier than you think. Knowing what people buy and when is the best time to purchase something will increase your email transaction rate. For example, when the fresh strawberries are in season – providing coupons for strawberry shortcake makings to the people who are known for purchasing strawberries will result in increased sales. Many peoples buying habits are cyclical. ComputerFrog-copy-300x220

If you know customer buying habits and preferences, then you will be able to send personalized offers and gain greater results.

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