Four Things to Look for in Google Analytics

If you’re a business owner with a web site, chances are your web guru is sending you weekly or monthly Google Analytics reports – but how you can use them to improve your business? Lets take a look at some of the more informative reports and what they say about your visitors:google-analytics1

Where do They Come From?
Traffic Sources let you know where your site visitors are coming from and how they found you.

  • Organic Search: They typed a key word or phrase into a search engine – and there you were!
  • Direct Traffic: These folks typed your exact URL into the browser. Maybe they know you!
  • Referral Traffic: Clicked on a link at another website that led to you.
  • Social: Came to your web site from a social media site like Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn

What do They Like Best?

What page do people visit the most on your site? Knowing the facts about your most Popular Content lets you know what your visitors think is important about your site. Seek out these pages and make sure you’ve got contact information and email opt-ins in place for these interested visitors.

How Long do They Stay?

The Average Time on Page numbers can let you know if your content is engaging or just ho-hum. It can let you if your article is just too long to read, or your suggest a more exciting start to your marketing video.

Stay or Go?
Bounce Rate shows the percentage of folks who land on one page of your site and leave without visiting any of your other web pages. Low percentages may mean that they found exactly what they were looking for, consumed it and then left. High bounce rates may mean that the page content didn’t make them want to explore other pages on your site.

Of course there’s much, much more information available in Google Analytics, but these four reports will give you a good first look at how your people interact with your web site.

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