Fresh Salad with Rib Eye Steak

I just love this time of year with all the fresh vegetables and fruit! The other evening I had some leftover corn on the cob and thought the corn will make a fantastic addition to my salad. The salad is very easy to put together and delicious.

Fresh Lettuce
Cherry Tomatoesphoto-6
1 Rib Eye Steak (about 1 pound – serves 2 unless you are a meat lover)

Be sure to wash vegetables before using. I put my salad together first by placing the lettuce on a dinner plates. After the lettuce I added the rest of the ingredients. Grill your Rib Eye Steak and use Montreal Steak Seasoning. Once my meat is cooked, I cut into strips and add to the top of the salad.

I do not use any dressing however, vinaigrette, blue cheese or ranch dressing would be a nice addition.