Get a 20% Response Rate!

Fall is the season for launching campaigns and generating end of year sales. Based upon recent market research and some of our recent projects we thought we would share a few ideas on increasing email and direct mail response rates. The following tips have been used to gain a 20% or greater response rate.

  1. Use email subject lines that reflect a relevant topic or recent experience you may have had with the recipient – a shared interest, recent purchase, etc.
  2. Use engaging graphics (but not too many graphics) in your emails to entice recipients. Make sure the graphics are not too abstract – people should “get it” and be compelled to act.
  3. Make the piece concise and relevant. Construct the piece so that it speaks to the individual not a mass market (This may require personalization).
  4. Make the call to action obvious in an email or direct mail piece (“What action do you want me to take?”).
  5. Use QR codes many smart phone users, act instantly, by going to a web page, getting directions or downloading coupons.
  6. Timing is important for your direct mail and email pieces. If you know when your customers generally purchase items – a timely reminder generates a high response.
  7. Using email in conjunction with direct mail (and other marketing efforts) improves the response rates if the pieces are coordinated.
  8. Personalization or targeting the piece (direct mail or email) improves response rates significantly. Spend the time to get the right list for the piece and know why they will respond.

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