Getting Higher Response Rates from Your Email Marketing Campaign

The delivery of relevant content is critical to the success of your Email marketing campaign. With the explosion of social media you want to insure you personalize and keep your messages consistent. Use humor and articles in your writing and keep your voice consistent.


  1. Know your audience and speak to them in a language they understand.
  2. Have your company personality come through your written messages.
  3. Give your reader the same experience as if they were dealing with you in person.


The content of your email should be engaging to your audience. Be sure your subject line is short and to the point. However, you do want the subject line to interesting and inviting so your targeted audience opens the email. Use a color scheme that will be appreciated and considered attractive to your target market. The graphics that are used should be appealing to your target audience.  Be sure to use high quality photos and use photos your audience can connect with.


I hope the tips provided today help you create a successful email marketing campaign! Happy Holidays!