How Do You Read a Web Page?

We’ve talked about the fact that “Nobody Reads Your Website”, so we know that most folks just scan your web pages looking for the information they need. But how do they do it? Where do their eyes go?

Gutenberg Diagram The Gutenberg diagram describes the way that western, left-to-right readers digest a page. It divides the page into four quadrants. The upper left and lower right are the strongest areas, the upper right is fairly strong, and the weakest area is the lower left. Most folks start scanning from the top left and sweep down to the lower right with only a little direct attention paid to the rest of the page. It’s called Reading Gravity.

Use it as a Guide Based on the diagram we can figure out where to put the truly important stuff on our web page. Your info will get the most attention if it’s placed directly in that upper left to lower right sweep. You’ll notice that most brand identifying logos live at the top left, and most buttons and calls to action show up at the bottom right of a page – where they’re most likely to be seen.

Keep this diagram in mind as you select your web theme and design your important pages.


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