Improve Your Google Searches

“Google it!”
With over 45,000 searches per second, Google is serving up an awful lot of information. Would you like to improve your chances of a successful search? Here are a few tips for finding exactly what you’re looking for:

Search for an Exact Phrase
Google will reward you for asking a very specific question. To search for an exact word or phrase, surround it with quote marks. It’s especially good for finding quotes and song lyrics. “I saw her standing there”

Get a Definition
You can get a quick dictionary definition by preceding your mystery word with define
Google comes back with the meaning (or meanings) and the pronunciation. define acutegoogle define

Do a Calculation
Google’s built in calculator can solve problems in basic arithmetic, geometry, and more. Easily calculate a tip amount with a simple, how much is 18% of 85. It also does conversions of weights, measures and currency, like 5 dollars in pesos


Go Ahead, Ask!
Google is really good at answering straightforward questions like, weather Boston or Chinese food Manchester NH, so entering your searches in a literal way can help you get the best results.