In Memory of a Wonderful Colleague

Nancy Arnone Southwell our colleague and friend. She supported, encouraged us, made us laugh, and always remembered everyone.  She was in fact infamous for “Nancy’s” Tiger Butter Recipe. Every holiday she would stop by and drop off a container of this scrumptious candy.

It wasn’t about the candy, it was about how Nancy cared about her customers. She took the time to make it herself and to deliver it with cheerful holiday spirit. Nancy will be missed however, we would like to share our gift from Nancy with you.

Nancy we will miss you dearly!


Ingredients: (Makes one batch…I always double it and use a big cookie sheet)

1 Bag of Chocolate Candy Wafers (either light or dark chocolate)
1 Bag of WHITE Chocolate Wafers
¾ cup Peanut Butter (I use smooth.. you could use Chunky for a different texture)

That’s it for stuff you’ll need..

Line a Cookie Sheet with Wax paper…. (a small or mid size Cookie Sheet if you are making a single batch)…..large if you are doubling it..

Melt the Dark Chocolate In a Double Boiler (or if you don’t have one like me).. I use a large pot and fill it about ½ with water… then pop a metal bowl on top of it, open the bag and drop the Dark Chocolate wafers in the metal bowl…. Bring the water to a slow boil and stir the chocolate as it melts.. When it is completely melted.. pour onto of the wax paper and spread out in the Cookie sheet.

Wash the Metal Bowl or use another one and melt the White Chocolate in the same manner…. Once the White Chocolate Wafers are melted…Add the Peanut Butter.. (it smells soooo good at this point)… one this is mixed and melted together.. pour on top of the Dark Chocolate in the Cookie Sheet. I usually take a butter knife once it’s all spread out and “swirl”……making Tiger Stripes…. Then pop into the fridge for about an hour before slicing to any size bars you’d like. You can leave it in the fridge as long as you’d like..but you may want to let it to room temp before cutting so it cuts evenly.

I pop the bars into Plastic Containers and store somewhere cool.. Fridge or in a dark cool room. (I left them on my porch in the winter..and the sun hit them on a nice Wintery but Sunny day and it melted into a blob… not good ! Still tasted good..but did not look pretty at all. ☺

Enjoy..Have fun…

P.S. The Bags of Wafers cost about $2.25 a bag… and I get them at Michael’s Craft shop in Keene (near Olive Garden)…they are located towards the back of the store in the Caking Decorating Supply Department.