Increase Email Opens with Pre-header Text

People spend a few seconds deciding if they delete your email or open it. You can increase your open rates by adding pre-header text to your email.

What is pre-header text? Pre-header text is the grayed out text that shows up after the subject line when you are checking emails in Gmail or on your smartphone. This is extra text is used to assist the subject line and increase your open rates. The default pre-header text message is; “If you’re having trouble viewing this email…” this text does nothing to help with the open rate. ID-10097440

Here are three tips for adding pre-header text and getting greater results.

1. Be a Tease. Sometimes email subject lines are good, but not great. You can use pre-header text to spice up the message (e.g., New Book is Available – 50% off to the first 100 buyers). The 50% off statement is the pre-header text and it will generate a high email open rate.

2. Make it personal. Use a personal note in your pre-header text to reach your email recipient and engage them on a personal level. (e.g., Fresh Strawberries are available. Sue, we know you like strawberries and have reserved some for you). The “Sue, we know … text is the pre-header text.

3. Keep it short. Remember people only spend a few seconds on each email deciding if they should open or delete the email. They also may be reading the email on their smartphone and the screen is small. For the greatest results, your pre-header text must be short and impactful.

Generating greater results from email marketing can be a challenge. Using pre-header text in your emails can help you increase your email results and reduce the number of people who delete your emails. Contact us at Prospect Communications if you need help developing an email program that gets greater results.

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