Mobile Friendly = More Business

Today, over 50% of consumers perform local searches for businesses, products or services using a mobile device. The majority of these customers want to buy at a physical location.  Being found in a local search via a mobile device is paramount for a business-to-consumer business.  Below are 3 tips for being mobile friendly and engaging more customers.

mobile-hand-webUpdate Your Website to Support Mobile Devices.
To be found on a mobile device and rank highly in the search results, your website must be a designed to support smartphones and tablets. If your site has not been updated in the past couple years, then it needs to be updated. Technology has changed and now your website can support all mobile devices and desktop devices without building special mobile-only websites.

Updating your website reduces customer frustration and increases your search engine ranking. In April, Google changed their search algorithms to give websites that are mobile-friendly higher priority. Being higher in search results generally means more business. Don’t frustrate your customers or Google, update your site and take advantage of the new mobile technology.

Listen and Respond to Customer Reviews.
Mobile customers rely upon reviews in their decision process. Customers want to know what people are saying about your products and services.  They are more likely to make a purchase from a company that has reviews. Online reviews can improve customer confidence, SEO rankings, and company credibility.

What about negative reviews?  By addressing customer concerns, you demonstrate willingness to listen to your audience, which will improve your products and customer experiences. A positive review of an exceptional customer experience will motivate shoppers to visit your business. High numbers of positive customer reviews will outweigh any negative review, so focus on building positive reviews and be sure to address any negative customer experiences.

Manage Your Social Media Presence.
Mobile customers tend to be more connected to social media compared to desktop users. They also tend to use and rely upon social media more than desktop users. Show customers you are ready to answer their questions and talk about their concerns by networking through social media channels.

What is the right social media channel for your business? For most businesses, Facebook, Twitter and a Blog are extremely valuable channels for customer interaction, because they allow you to have a one-on-one connection with your patrons. You might consider offering coupons that can be shared with friends and brought to your business for promotional items and discounts. Using coupons on social media channels also allows you to test the power and reach of your social media audience.

Understanding mobile shopping behaviors is critical for growing your business, especially if you are a business-to-consumer business. Mobile users value mobile-friendly websites, favorable on-line reviews, and companies with a solid social presence.