Optimize Your Website for Local Search

Is your website optimized for local search? Many consumers use the web to find business hours, your location, reviews on your services, and information on your products.  Your website needs to be optimized for local mobile search if you want to be near the top of the search results. Not optimizing for mobile search is a mistake.

localsearchpicAccording to a recent research report, last year, mobile passed desktop for local search query volume, according to BIA/Kelsey data released in May 2015. This growth in mobile local search will continue as the number of mobile devices continues to grow. In a few years, mobile searches could represent 70% of all the local searches.

Three immediate things you must do to optimize your site?
First and foremost make sure your site supports mobile devices. A responsive website will allow your site to be rendered properly on the screen of any mobile phone or tablet.
Make sure keywords are set up on your web pages and referenced properly throughout your site.
Local credibility will increase your ranking – the more you publish content about your local service, people review your local products, and external websites link to your site – the higher your local search results will be.

If local search is important for your business, then optimizing for mobile search is essential to your success.

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