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Summer Checkup

Summer is a great time to review your business plan. Are you tracking your plan? Are the trends going the right way? Has the market changed or is there a new opportunity that needs new attention? This year, let’s do something different. Review it now and make the necessary adjustments to exceed your plan.

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Blueberry Corn Muffins

Just got back from picking blueberries at Monadnock Blueberries in Troy and I wanted a great muffin to make with these awesome berries. Corn muffins are my favorite but not the usual blueberry muffin. Well these muffins are great! Go pick blueberries and make these muffins for a true summer treat.

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Does your Website Need a Tune-up? Part 1 – Tech

Has it been a long time since you added content or changed your site design? Your website may be your most important business marketing tool. Tech updates and revisions can affect your bottom line and should not be ignored.

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Summer Raspberry Turnovers

These easy raspberry pastries are great summer treats. Although they call for raspberries you can easily change the filling to any berry or fruit that you love. Bake some up and serve them with vanilla ice cream, YUM!

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Optimizing Emails for Mobile

More than 50% of all email is read on mobile devices and this number is growing. Mobile devices have unique screen sizes and orientations that don’t display everything the way you might think they would. So how can you optimize your email for smartphones and tablets?

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Satisfy Searchers and Search Engines

The success of your website hinges on answering every kind of query with satisfying content. Want readers to come to your page and stay there? Set appropriate expectations with your SEO, then deliver the goods on your page.

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