Postcards Generate Results!

You may have heard that snail mail is dead and that everyone is on social media. Meanwhile, some companies are getting great results by going against the trends. Avoid the constant chatter of social media, the full email box, and the over used pay per click ads – send postcards and get results!

Why Postcards Work
postcardThink of a postcard as a letter that is already opened. As your prospective customer sorts their mail, they are immediately engaged by your postcard without even opening a piece of mail. Your message has quickly become of interest to them over everything else. As long as your ideal customer gets mail – you can use postcards to avoid the noise and get noticed.

Getting Action and Results
To generate results, your postcard needs three things.

  1. Engaging Design. A design that captivates the recipient will get them to read your postcard and take action. Use images to enhance your message and supporting colors to engage and lead people to your message and call to action.
  2. Clear Concise Message. A concise message will capture interest and lead to greater results. You don’t need to write a book to get results, a few words will do. To grab and keep the recipient’s interest for the crucial 3 to 5 seconds – your message needs to be clear and concise.
  3. Call to Action. There should be only one call to action, not more. The person receiving your postcard should know exactly what you want them to do (e.g., call a number, go to a specific website, etc.). And don’t bury your call to action, make it obvious – you want action.

Before you push the button on your next email blast, consider sending a postcard. Postcards can avoid the noise, get you noticed, and generate results.