Quick Tip Tuesday – Nobody Reads Your Website

Nobody Reads Your Website
10 seconds. That’s all you get. Info seekers decide just that quickly whether they’ll stay or go. In that time they are scanning your web page for any word or picture that will send them to the answer that they need. In fact, your page is much more like a highway billboard than a brochure.

Seek and Find
Web users are hunters looking for a trail to follow that will lead to their goal. They ask two questions: ‘does this site have what I’m looking for?’ and ‘can I find it quickly and easily?’ Your web design and text need to answer these questions.

Get to the Point
You’re writing for scanners not readers. You can focus on making your message as clean and clear and scannable as possible by using some of these techniques:

  • Short sentences.
  • Short paragraphs.
  • Bullet points for lists.
  • Explanantory sub-headings.
  • Leading with your conclusion

Of course, we’re hoping you read every word of this post!

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