Social Media Part 1

Social Media is the new buzz word. Social media is a great avenue to create, share, exchange ideas and information virtually. Create customer engagement by giving your customers an inside peek at your business.  Your postings will give the customer the feel for your company’s style, ideas, and projects.

Social media channels are a way to keep you in touch with your customers and to inform them of promotions, happenings in your company, tips and how to’s to help them grow their business.

Your company should look at the following when choosing which social media would work best for your business.

  1. Demographics of your customers
  2. Purchasing habits
  3. What is the best way to educate
  4. Gives your customers a way to give you feedback

Here is a great article of another benefit of social mediaLeverage Social Media in SEO Strategy.

In Part II we will review the different types of social media.