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How Do You Read a Web Page?

We’ve talked about the fact that “Nobody Reads Your Website”, so we know that most folks just scan your web pages looking for the information they need. But how do they do it? Where do their eyes go? Gutenberg Diagram The Gutenberg diagram describes the way that western, left-to-right readers digest a page. It divides […]

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How well does your brand perform

A strong brand can be the difference between making or losing a sale. With a focused brand management effort, you can build and sustain a strong brand, but you will need to have a clear definition of your audience, and set some goals for what you would like your brand to achieve. Your brand should […]

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Drip Marketing Campaigns WORK!

Drip Marketing turns prospects into sales. Drip, drip, drip! Drip marketing is a carefully selected series of messages delivered to customers by email, direct mail and social media. Drip Marketing Really Works! Drip marketing, like drip irrigation, slowly and systematically nurtures your leads and clients. Timing, message and persistence pays off. By applying messages over […]

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