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3 Tips for Increasing Non-Profit Email Responses

Using emails for fundraising can be a challenge. Considering how many emails people receive daily, getting people to open and donate is a huge challenge. Here are three tips to help you increase email open rates and donation rates. 1. Make it Personal The most effective emails contain personalized content. To increase your donation rates […]

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Quick Email Subject Line Tips

A great email subject line is critical for increasing your email open rate.  We all know this, but sometimes we are rushed to get an email sent and don’t do the basic subject line checks to make sure we are meeting our email goals. Remember humans receive and open emails and just like you, the […]

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Increase Email Opens with Pre-header Text

People spend a few seconds deciding if they delete your email or open it. You can increase your open rates by adding pre-header text to your email. What is pre-header text? Pre-header text is the grayed out text that shows up after the subject line when you are checking emails in Gmail or on your […]

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Personalized Email Marketing Pays

Want greater results from your marketing efforts? Then use the information you have and personalize your marketing efforts, especially email marketing. The research continues to support how important personalization is for increasing follow-on sales and customer engagement. In a recent article in emarketer.com, they reported on some amazing results from an email personalization survey. Nearly […]

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Email Trends, Statistics and Tips

The email world is changing rapidly – from how customers read emails to when they read emails. Staying on top of the latest trends and statistics is critical for any successful email campaign. Your audience is now reading, deleting or blocking emails with devices and software that you need to consider when you create your […]

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Increasing Email Opens and Reducing Email Deletes (Part 2)

Email Marketing can be very powerful, provided you avoid some of the most common email marketing mistakes. In Part 1 of this series on email marketing we covered some of the common miscues like: Sending the same message to everyone Using unappealing subject lines Sending an email for the sake of sending something Personalizing proves […]

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Increasing Email Opens and Reducing Email Deletes (Part 1)

Email Marketing is very powerful, but only if you avoid some of the most common email marketing mistakes. Over the years, we have developed an approach to avoid some common email marketing errors. Following these tips will help you increase email open rates and reduce email deletes. Sending the same message to everyone People are […]

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