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3 Tips for Increasing Non-Profit Email Responses

Using emails for fundraising can be a challenge. Considering how many emails people receive daily, getting people to open and donate is a huge challenge. Here are three tips to help you increase email open rates and donation rates. 1. Make it Personal The most effective emails contain personalized content. To increase your donation rates […]

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Quick Email Subject Line Tips

A great email subject line is critical for increasing your email open rate.  We all know this, but sometimes we are rushed to get an email sent and don’t do the basic subject line checks to make sure we are meeting our email goals. Remember humans receive and open emails and just like you, the […]

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5 Good Reasons to Tag Your Posts

  They’ll be easier to find: Sure, you always assign a category to your blog posts, but adding a few tags instantly makes the post more user-friendly. Think of your categories as the chapters of a book, and your tags as the index. Boosts your SEO: Every tag creates an archive page – click one […]

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Quick Tip Tuesday Build a Great “About Us” Page

Who Are These People? When a new visitor comes to your web site seeking products, information or advice, they need to feel confident that: You’re a real person. You know what you’re talking about. You care about the folks you’re talking to. Your best opportunity to get these points across is in your “About Us” […]

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Drip Marketing Campaigns WORK!

Drip Marketing turns prospects into sales. Drip, drip, drip! Drip marketing is a carefully selected series of messages delivered to customers by email, direct mail and social media. Drip Marketing Really Works! Drip marketing, like drip irrigation, slowly and systematically nurtures your leads and clients. Timing, message and persistence pays off. By applying messages over […]

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Increase Email Opens with Pre-header Text

People spend a few seconds deciding if they delete your email or open it. You can increase your open rates by adding pre-header text to your email. What is pre-header text? Pre-header text is the grayed out text that shows up after the subject line when you are checking emails in Gmail or on your […]

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Tips for Selecting the Right High-Impact Graphics

Smart marketers know that selecting the “right” graphics for a piece can be the difference between confusing the reader, hitting the delete button, and generating a response. Where ever possible, impactful images should be used in direct mail and email campaigns. Selecting the right image can lead to promising results and a great first impression. […]

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