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10 Tips for Creating Web Page Content that Get Results

Updating or developing content for your website can be challenging and time consuming. Who has time to write text for web pages when you have a business to run? You must at least do the basics and if you do a little bit more by following these tips you can make your effort generate results. […]

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7 Tips for Creating Landing Pages

Website Landing Pages There is a lot of talk out in the marketing circles about website landing pages these days. Landing pages are one of the essential elements of online marketing campaigns. Here is some information to help you better understand landing pages and how to use them effectively.What are Landing Pages? Website landing pages […]

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Web Tip: Add names, titles and alt text to all of your photos.

Want your web pages to get found? Get more love from Google with these three tips. Give each photo file a distinctive Name. It makes it searchable. “Chocolate chip cookie.png” beats “image 1.png” every time. Give your photo a Title. This tag generates the text that appears when you hover over an image. Add Alt […]

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