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5 Steps to a More Secure Website

Hackers are everywhere, and they’re not just interested in the big government and industrial sites – they can and will come after your site. Don’t make it easy for them to do their dirty work! Whether you’re building your own site or working with a developer, you can begin to increase your  web security by […]

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Four Things to Look for in Google Analytics

If you’re a business owner with a web site, chances are your web guru is sending you weekly or monthly Google Analytics reports – but how you can use them to improve your business? Lets take a look at some of the more informative reports and what they say about your visitors: Where do They […]

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Using Video to Help Sell Your Products

Holmed Corporation is a worldwide provider of surgical instruments for orthopedic and spine surgeries. Prospect Communications worked with Holmed to create a product video to help demonstrate their products. This product video is available on YouTube, was used in email their campaigns, and will be available on their web site. Holmed produces great products. Check […]

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