The Warrior Connection – Email Blast Brattleboro, VT

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The Warrior Connection

The Warrior Connection  located in Brattleboro, VT has a fervent commitment to combat veterans, their families, and their communities.  Their mission is “Connecting our Veterans to Themselves, to their Families, and to their Communities” with the goal to help them reclaim their lives and enrich their futures. Visit their website to see what this exciting, nurturing program is doing for our veterans.

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The Warrior connection needed to get out an appeal timely and to reach their donors. They chose to use Prospect’s email services to send their appeal. The email blast allowed them to send the appeal quickly and economically while still reaching their targeted audience. Prospect’s seamless process worked well for this campaign; we designed,  and delivered their email blast. We sent the email from Warrior Connection, with their branding and we are able to track their results. It was an easy and effective yet professional way to reach out quickly. Donate and help combat veterans find inner peace_Page_1

Warrior Connection loved this campaign! They plan to follow up with a series of emails to continue reaching their donors.







“Thank you, Prospect Park Press. Your fine professionals have designed and delivered aesthetic, functional and effective marketing materials with a plan to reach our target audience. What a pleasure to work with you!” Anne Black – The Warrior Connection

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