Tip for a better website – More than the basics

iStock_000017459881-FrogMeditatingSo you have a website now you have to make it work for you. Here are some tips to enhance any website. They are important but not impossible.

Your site must be mobile-friendly

Mobile is huge right now. With over 50% of Americans owning a Smartphone, your new customers are likely to come to you from mobile browsing. It is tough to navigate a site not optimized for a tiny screen.

Put a call to action on every page

Every page on your website should make your visitor act on something; it should have a call to action. Maybe it is to get them to purchase your product, view your information, or watch a video – whatever it is, make the call to action clear and easy.

Reduce the distractions

Do you have music playing on your site, or a splash page that blocks people from getting to what they need? Remove it all. Not only is it annoying for many visitors, but it distracts them from doing what you want them to do and to find the information they need. Also when you go mobile many of these splash pages or sliders are not displayed.

Get social

You probably are feeling the pressure to get more social. These days it seems like the entire world is on social media. We are social people who like to interact with friends, family members, and even strangers. Get started with a Facebook page or Twitter account and focus on mastering one of them. Integrate these social media with your website. Set-up a company Blog and pass information through all your social media. Do not get overwhelmed, try to make it fun. If you feel that you need help getting started we can help.

AddiStock_000010980641-FrogWithWrench industry resources

Want to establish yourself as the company to go to in your industry? Then add some resources to your website. This could be reports, surveys, white papers, videos or helpful links. This material demonstrates to prospective customers you know your stuff. Social media is a great way to get this information out there and to grow your circle of influence but a website that is helpful and insightful is critical. Keep your information up to date and working correctly.

Put your customers to work – add testimonials

Your customers are a huge asset to you because they can provide real-world case studies – and testimonials. These stories and testimonials can show how your company has helped them save time, save money, or reach a goal. Reach out and ask for a testimonial. Here’s a tip: have it pre-written, so all your customer has to do is approve it. It may be helpful to set-up a portfolio and display your work and explain how you helped your customers solve problems.

Start from scratch

Sometimes you find that starting from scratch is the best option. While this is not for everyone because it takes time and resources, it may be worth it. If you have an old website, starting over with brand-new technology would be smart, rather than trying to patch what you already have. Start with a pencil sketch of what you want and assemble the best team to make it happen.

There are more tips to a better website, but these are a good start. Pick one pick a couple and make the changes to your site. Best of luck taking your website to the next level!

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