Tips for Selecting the Right High-Impact Graphics

Smart marketers know that selecting the “right” graphics for a piece can be the difference between confusing the reader, hitting the delete button, and generating a response. Where ever possible, impactful images should be used in direct mail and email campaigns. Selecting the right image can lead to promising results and a great first impression. Below are some tips that will help you select high-impact graphics.

Tips for Selecting High-Impact Graphics

Response: The goal of an email or a direct mail piece is to generate a response. The image you choose should command attention and evoke an emotional response. The image must complement and strengthen the message – not overpower it.

Quality: Always use high quality images, never settle for questionable quality imagery. You will regret the decision to settle. If you have your own images or one from a professional photographer then select the images that deliver the highest impact. If you don’t have images of your own, then there are a number of sources for high quality images on the internet (e.g., Getty, iStockphoto, Shutterstock, etc.) You will need to be careful when purchasing images – some images can be expensive and have usage limitations. Remember the images you select can be reused in your social media efforts or website.

Impact: Choose an image that stands out and grabs to reader’s attention. The image should generate a positive reaction and draw the reader into the piece. An impactful image captivates the reader and enhances reader engagement. Remember it is not about filling a space in the piece, the image should be memorable and compelling.


Personal: To generate a piece that resonates, it is important to personalize your piece and your image. Try to customize your image so it appeals directly to an individual. Use the person’s name or something personal in conjunction with the image layout.

Effective: Test and benchmark the effectiveness of your images and your pieces. Try to test different images with the pieces that are sent to the same audience and then to different audience segments. This information will help you fine tune your image selection process and help you select images that resonate with your audience segments and help your campaigns generate greater results.

Selecting the right image can lead to promising results and a great first impression. Contact us if you need help with any of your design and branding projects.

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