Updating Your Website – Who has Time?

Reap the Benefits of Small Changes and Get Noticed!

Visitors and potential customers may visit your website once for information and they may find it well organized, nicely designed and informative, but will they return? Whether your visitors buy or connect with you on their first visit, one of the primary goals of your online marketing is to keep them coming back to your site again and again.

The best way to encourage repeat visits is to provide up-to-date, relevant information. Give visitors a reason to return to your site. The internet is dynamic and your website needs to be as well.  An active website with fresh content keeps visitors interested and helps you maintain a good position with the search engines. It will also help you attract new visitors and potential customers.

Search engine rankings are complicated things, but one thing that works to increase your site ranking is new content. Simply by updating your content  and your pages you will have the search engines working harder for you. Set aside a small amount of time on a regular basis and reap the rewards.

What do I Update? Here are some ideas…

    1. Publish your news – Publish news about your organization and your industry. This lets people know about your company and encourages repeat visits.
    2. Publish articles and resources – You have knowledge of your industry, share the knowledge, and help others. Publishing articles, guides and resources will help your visitors.
    3. Start a Blog – A Blog will help you establish credibility as an expert and will provide a forum for reaching more customers. If set up properly, a blog can also help you generate more traffic.
    4. Add new page content – Expand or promote other services or products that you may have not highlighted before on your website. You never know what might catch a person’s interest.
    5. Provide customer testimonials – The more you can show how actual customers benefit from your services the easier the selling process becomes. Testimonials should be short – there is no need for a 10 page testimonial.
    6. Update your site with new images and video –Sometimes just adding a new image or video to your site is all that is needed to gain attention. People love to look at pictures and videos.
    7. Run a promotion – Create a buzz by offering something new or highlighting a service or product. Highlight it on your home page and create special landing pages.
    8. Make it interesting –I love to cook so we have recipes that we put on our Blog. It is different yet interesting and it helps to add personality to your website.


Get Results and Have Fun!

Your website should be engaging, interesting and dynamic. Don’t look at updating your website as a chore, make a plan and have some fun. Draft a realistic plan for making your site updates and changes, set aside the time, monitor your site and have fun. Make the time and reap the rewards.



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