Variable Printing – VDP

Variable data printing (VDP) is a powerful marketing technique that customizes every printed piece based upon custom data and images.  A powerful example is VDP a car company is planning a promotion and they are going to send out a postcard. They know that females prefer to buy red cars and males prefer black cars. When they print the postcard promoting their car sale they can create postcards that use the customers name and either a red or black car depending on their gender.Variable printing makes your postcard speak directly to your customer. This one-to-one marketing provides personalized pieces for each recipient.PC Variable Diagram-2


Variable printed pieces speak directly to the individual’s needs, wants and preferences. They increase your return 10 to 15 times over a non-personalized piece. And lastly, variable pieces deliver results and get noticed.

Collect your data, design your piece and print it with variable data and images. The piece can be a brochure, appeal letter, fliers, postcards, calendars and other customized one-to-one marketing pieces.

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