Does your Website Need a Tune-up? Part 2 – Marketing & Content

This is part 2 of “Does Your Website Need a Tune-up?” It covers the marketing and content aspects of your website and shows how they contribute to the overall health of your website. Part 1 covered the tech aspects of your web site.

Super Charge your Website with a Marketing Tune-up Today!

We frequently see websites that have been neglected and the content or design is out of date.  Updating your website can affect your bottom line and should not be ignored. First impressions and content are very important for getting your visitors engaged.

Here is a list of 7 things to look for when considering whether your company’s website might need a Marketing Tune-up.

  1. Does your website clearly explain what your organization does?
    Clearly state your organization’s mission and main idea on your Home page. Your website’s reason-for-being should be easy to find and unmistakable.
  2. FrogTechIs the focus above the fold?
    As soon as someone lands on a page, whatever they immediately see is considered to be ‘above the fold’. Place all the important information here. Anything that requires scrolling should be supplementary. Make sure that visitors do not need to scroll down to get to the meat of your message.
  3. Is every page a landing page?
    Many of your visitors will concentrate on the Home page and may never see the rest of your site. Make every page a landing page that delivers your message and gets results. Every page on your site should contribute in some way to making a sale or encouraging a donation.
  4. Does your site make it easy to get in touch?
    Sometimes it’s unbelievable how difficult it is to get in contact with the owners of a website. Your contact information should be available on every page in some form of side menu, or text on the footer or header. Contact forms give your visitors an easy way to connect with you and get action. Make sure the contact form is gathering the information you need to get back in touch (email address, phone number), and make sure the form is being forwarded to an email address that is being checked.
  5. Is your content out of date?
    Have your products, services or focus changed since the last time you updated your website? Do you have a blog where nothing has been posted for months or even years? If so, your customers, investors, employees or prospects might get the impression that you’re just not paying attention. Current content also helps your search engine ranking and higher rankings help you get found. Refreshing your content can be simple, it does not have to be every day but it needs to be consistent and up to date.
  6. Too Much Text and not Enough Graphics or White Space?
    White space is good and graphics should be used to tell the story. Video is also a great tool that make your site interactive and interesting.
  7. Review Your Web Design Regularly.
    Web design trends change all the time, and so do the demands of customers. It’s important to review your website every six months to see what’s current and what people are demanding. This doesn’t mean that you need to opt for a complete redesign. What it does mean is that you might have to make some minor tweaks regularly.

How are you going to super charge your website today?

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