What are Meta Tags

You probably put a lot of effort into writing content for your web audience, but you should know that some of your readers aren’t human. If you want to show up in Internet search engines, your content has to be readable by machines; and machines read Meta tags.Meta3

Title tags
This is the most important tag. A webpage without a title won’t appeal to humans or robots. They will both have a hard time figuring out what the page is all about, and both will pass you by.

Description Tags
The Meta description is a short summary of the page content. Often, this is the short descriptive sentence that appears under the page title in search engine results, so it pays to write a good one.

Keyword tags
Over time, keywords have lost much of their power. Originally they were intended to be additional descriptive words that would lead to a page. Aggressive marketers abused this tag by adding unrelated words or “keyword stuffing”. As a result, most search engines pay little attention to keywords.

Making sure your Meta tags are correct is the very first step in effective SEO, and will help your pages get discovered in web searches, will help your pages get discovered in web searches.

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