What Color is Your Website?

Whether you’re an International brand, a local business or a solo-preneur, your website colors dictate how attractive your site is to visitors. In the swift 15 seconds you get from the average viewer, your color choice can draw them in or turn them off. But which colors are best?

Online Color Tools
Here are three online tools to help you find the right colors to express your web personality.

Adobe Color
This online app, (formerly known as Kuler) lets you create unlimited five-color schemes that you can use for your project. It also gives up some knowledge by showing the color theory behind the suggestions, and includes a desktop version that lets you export color themes into other Adobe programs and see the most popular color combos. A fun & smart app, especially if you use other Adobe tools.

coolorsCoolors exists as a web site, and as an app for Android and IOS, and is fun to use. The online version presents you with 5 color bars that fill the screen. Press the spacebar and they change. When you see a color you like, lock it in, spacebar again and Coolors will generate more compatible colors until you have a great custom palette. As a bonus, the online app can generate a scheme from any photo on your computer.

Formerly known as Color Scheme Designer, Palleton is the most complex of these color generators. It includes two unique and useful features, a vision simulator that shows how your colors look to a colorblind visitor – which is good for ADA compliant sites – and
an example page where you can view your color choices in various simulated web pages.

Try them all to see which one you like best. You just might discover a whole new set of colors to jazz up your website or landing page!